Empower Your Organization:
Streamline New Compliance Responsibilities

Whether you are a law or accounting firm, a registered agent, or a professional advisor firm, your organization plays a crucial role in ensuring the companies you serve remain compliant with the Corporate Transparency Act. In your role as a trusted advisor, you can partner with FinCEN Report Company to help combat financial crimes like money laundering, tax fraud, and human trafficking.

We’ve created a suite of tools designed specifically for professionals like you. Our platform simplifies the reporting process and enhances your service offerings. You can manage multiple clients effortlessly, stay ahead of regulatory changes, and provide unmatched support with our cutting-edge solutions.

Solutions For Business Advisors

Manage Your Clients’ Compliance with Our Secure Platform

Easy Upload & Dashboard

Easily upload key documents and manage filing history via the dashboard in our online platform.

Privacy and Security

Our patent-pending system has been certified by Breachlock to securely upload and store required information.

Streamline Multiple Company Filings

Manage filing for multiple entities and make updates needed to ensure compliance with ease.

Customer Support & Training

We provide training for your team and are available to answer any questions and/or technical issues.

The Advisor PRO Platform

Whether you are looking to outsource all CTA filings or would rather brand the experience to showcase your company’s leadership with legal compliance, we have programs that make your complex filing needs simple and secure.


Perfect for Law Firms and other Business Advisors interested in an enhanced workflow experience to manage multiple clients with ease
what you’ll get
Industry Leading Compliance Wizard
Co-Branded Experience & Online Experience
CTA Compliance Dashboard that Tracks Status
Staff Training & Support
Unlimited Changes of Compliance Information for Clients

Advisor Pro has an initial setup fee that begins at $5,000, depending on your firm’s requirements. This includes your firm’s dashboard to track status, templates for working with your clients and training for your team. There is no recurring software fee.

Per Reporting Company Filed $199 Annually*


Proprietary Workflow Support for the
Advisor PRO Program

If you select the Advisor PRO program, we will provide our proprietary workflow support and professional templates to help you guide your clients through the compliance process, including:


Client Document Request List

A comprehensive list of documents from the reporting company to aid your analysis.


Beneficial Ownership Determination Rubric

A logic flow checklist that helps you advise the reporting company as to its beneficial owners.


Client Report Letter

A confirmatory letter that verifies the client’s beneficial owner identification.


Quality Control Checklist

A checklist for use by a senior professional to review the work of a junior professional to ensure quality control and minimize the risk of error.


What Information Do Clients Need In Order to File & Comply?

Identity of Beneficial Owners

All beneficial owners need to provide their name.

Address of Beneficial Owners

Those listed as a beneficial owner must also provide an address they are connected to.

Answers to a Few Questions

Respond to simple questions (such as date of birth) to help complete your profile.

Government Identification

Upload a copy of a government issued identification for each beneficial owner listed.

We‘ve helped thousands of people with The Corporate Transparency Act…

“With the implementation of CTA reporting requirements fast approaching, everyone who advises businesses about their formation, taxation or maintenance needs The Corporate Transparency Act Compliance Guide. Jonathan Wilson has made an otherwise daunting, lengthy and sometimes vague Act, comprehensible and easy to understand quickly.”

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Thompson Law Group
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“We have vetted many resources and have found the FinCEN Report Company to be the only affordable, viable and reliable resource to assure compliance.”

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