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Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about compliance paperwork. That’s where FinCEN Report comes in. The Federal Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) requires businesses to file beneficial ownership information (BOI) reports to help prevent illicit activities.

Solutions For Business Owners

We help busy business owners that have formed or registered a company in the U.S. file quickly and efficiently through our secure platform.

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Upload required beneficial ownership information quickly and efficiently with our streamlined process.

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Rest assured knowing your data is secure with our Breachlock cybersecurity-certified portal.

Automated Compliance Reminders

Easily stay in compliance in the future with our automated smart alerts.

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How Do I Determine My Company’s Beneficial Owners?

Through the CTA legislation, the Federal government now requires business owners to report their Beneficial Owners and their pertinent information.

A Beneficial Owner is defined as either…

An individual who owns 25% or more of the ownership interests in your company


An individual who has “substantial control” over your company

Click here for a deeper explanation of how to determine who is a beneficial owner.
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Our plans for business owners

Our plans are based on how many beneficial owners your company has.






What You’ll Get With Report EZ and Report 365
Secure Filing & Confirmation Email
Unlimited Post-Filing Amendments
Automatic Compliance Reminders
Unlimited Online Support
Auto-Renews, Cancel Any Time
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What Information Do I Need In Order to File?

Identity of Beneficial Owners

All beneficial owners need to provide their name.

Address of Beneficial Owners

Those listed as a beneficial owner must also provide an address they are connected to.

Answers to a Few Questions

Respond to simple questions (such as date of birth) to help complete your profile.

Government Identification

Upload a copy of a government issued identification for each beneficial owner listed.

We‘ve helped thousands of companies with The Corporate Transparency Act…

“I really appreciated the step by step guide and was impressed with the level of expertise of the customer service team. They resolved my questions with ease and made the process extremely straightforward.”

Lorraine H., Small Business Owner

“This new filing felt nerve-racking to me, but the FinCEN Report customer service walked me through the process were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me. Highly recommend.”

Johnaa S., Small Business Owner